Bypass Cloudflare Akamai Anti-bot WAF,CC Protection

Cloudflare, a company specializing in web performance and security, provides customers with a Web Application Firewall (WAF) on the security front. Integrated into their WAF as a key component, Cloudflare's Bot Manager serves as a formidable defense against malicious bots, aiming to neutralize potential attacks without causing any disruption to genuine users.

Suppose you attempted to extract data from a website guarded by Cloudflare, you might have encountered several Bot-manager related issues, as the following errors: 1. Error 1010: The website owner has restricted access due to your browser's signature; 2. Error 1012: Access Denied; 3. Error 1015: You are subjected to rate limiting; 4. Error 1020: Access Denied. These errors commonly come with a 403 Forbidden HTTP response status code.

ScrapingBypass API helps you bypass the scraping anti-bot Shield WAF, and CC protection from Cloudflare, Akamai, and others. As a seasoned provider of professional data collection services, we possess the expertise to surmount obstacles hindering your data collection endeavors, ensuring their resounding success. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a proficient team, we guarantee the delivery of efficient, precise, and secure data collection services, safeguarding both your reputation and project objectives.

Easily Bypass WAF
ScrapingBypass API for Cloudflare anti-bot

Bypassing all WAFs

It supports scrapers bypassing the blocks of various WAFs, from following platforms: Cloudflare, Akamai, DataDome, Incapsula, and others.








Bypass Cloudflare hCAPTCHA, Canvas Fingerprinting Detection.

Since 2020, Cloudflare've migrated to use hCaptcha exclusively replaced old ReCAPTCHA verification. and uses a specific canvas fingerprinting method, Google's Picasso Fingerprinting for detecting device property spoofing.

Canvas is an HTML5 API used to draw graphics and animations on a web page using JavaScript. To construct a canvas fingerprint, a webpage queries your browser's canvas API to render an image. That image is then hashed to produce a fingerprint. This technique relies on taking a system's graphic rendering system as a physically unclonable function. A canvas fingerprint depends on multiple layers of the computing system, such as: user-agent, operating system, or GPU.

Now ScrapingBypass API will help you bypass CloudFlare hCaptcha, Canvas fingerprint detection, and other blocks from Akamai, DataDome and more in only 3 steps as described below.

Easily Bypass WAF

Bypass Cloudflare Page Scraping Shield

Access In 3 Steps


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03.Call API Interface

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Is it Feasible to Bypass Cloudflare?

Certainly, bypassing Cloudflare is possible. Cloudflare employs two main anti-bot techniques: passive and active anti-bot detection, including ip, browser fingerprinting, and more. To bypass Cloudflare, you'll need to navigate your way around these measures.

Your IP might be blocked by Cloudflare if your online behavior resembles that of a bot. For example, if you make an excessive number of requests too quickly or use non-browser user agents. Additionally, your IP could be blocked due to its association with suspicious activities or appearing on a blocklist.

Utilizing ScrapingBypass API is the most effective tool online to bypass Cloudflare Python requests. This API is specifically designed to bypass Cloudflare with just one request in Python. It streamlines the integration of scraping tasks into your workflow by offering advanced antibot features and proxy modes.

To defeat Cloudflare, you can reinforce your web scraper to make requests appear as if they come from genuine users. Other effective approaches include:
  • Reverse engineering Cloudflare's anti-bot challenges.
  • Scraping content from Google cache.
  • Sending your requests directly to the origin server.
  • Leveraging a sophisticated proxy service such as Scrapinybypss
  • There are lots of google chrome extensions(plugins) are able to ignore Cloudflare WAF and CC protection. ScrapingBypass API is also available, more convenient and flexiable for ignoring Cloudflare hCAPTCHAs or passive anti-bot detection.