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Bypass Cloudflare Anti-bot Verification

Collect high-quality data from any URL

With our built-in web crawler API, you can easily scrape data efficiently from the most complex websites. Our unique patented rotation proxies, JavaScript rendering technology, and other smart solutions ensure that the data scraping process is fast and reliable.

  • Only pay for successfully delivered results
  • Fewer captchas and IP blocks
  • Accurate and real-time data
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Bypass GEO-restrictions

No matter where you are, our web crawler API provides you with almost global access to local data. Through our API, you can easily collect localized search results from 195 countries. This means you can gain insight into market trends, user behavior and local needs in different regions. Whether you are a global enterprise, a multinational brand or a local entrepreneur, our web crawler API will become your powerful tool for obtaining accurate and comprehensive local data.

  • Local Search Result from 195 Countries
  • Country, State, City or Coordinate Level Targeting
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API Request Mode:HTTP API and Proxy

Bypass Cloudflare Tools
Bypass graphic robot verification

Get an administration-free crawling infrastructure

Taking advantage of our top-of-the-line web data collection infrastructure, you can obtain the required data. Not worry about complicated JavaScript-laden websites, IP blocking, or other challenges, because we've taken care of it all for you. Our powerful tools can cope with various complex situations, ensuring that you can collect data stably and efficiently. Take advantage of our services today and take the hassle for smooth and successful data collection.

  • No Need to Develop Your Own Crawler or Parser
  • JavaScript Rendering for Complex Websites
  • Patented Built-in Proxy Rotator For Solving Blocking
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Access Process

01. Register

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02.Buy a Subscription

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03. Call Interface

Quickly access, call the interface, and immediately experience the service of Scrapingbypass API.

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Our Pricing

Suitable for any individuals or groups

  • Trial

  • $5.9/3 Days

  • API Credits: 5000
  • Validity: 3 Days
  • HTTP/Proxy: Available
  • Anti-bot: Available
  • Multilingual API: Available
  • Basic

  • $29/Month

  • API Credits: 50000
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • HTTP/Proxy: Available
  • Anti-bot: Available
  • Multilingual API: Available
  • Standard

  • $59/Month

  • API Credits: 250000
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • HTTP/Proxy: Available
  • Anti-bot: Available
  • Multilingual API: Available
  • Advanced

  • $99/Month

  • API Credits: 1000000
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • HTTP/Proxy: Available
  • Anti-bot: Available
  • Multilingual API: Available


What is the consumption method of package credits?

Generally Speaking, A Default URL request = 1 credit. A request with JavaScript Rendering = 3 credits in total.

Absolutely Not. We only charge for successful requests with Response Head:"x-cb-status: ok".

You only need to send us the HTTP request body sent to the target website, and we will completely forward it to x-cb-host.

Code generator can be used to generate code snippets online for commands such as cURL, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and Python to issue HTTP requests.

In this case, there is a high probability that the proxy IP needs to be configured. Choose one of the API mode and the proxy mode to use our service. Chinese users are recommended to use the API mode. Currently, only the proxy IP of the http protocol is supported.

When you submit an HTTP request, the API will send the request for you. This process can make your HTTP request more difficult to identify as a robot so as to make you bypass the Cloudflare verification code as much as possible. And it does not refer to an automatic click on Cloudflare verification code.

Currently, selenium or Puppeteer is not supported, because no browser is used, only browser requests are simulated. but you can use it after combined with antidetect browsers.